She's Back: Bear Wandering Neighborhood This Week is Seen in Tree

A bear spotted in a San Fernando Valley neighborhood earlier this week has been spotted again, this time in Glendale.

The 200-pound bear with a taste for suburban amenities in La Cañada visited a YMCA, took a dip in at least two backyard pools, and kept concerned neighbors and authorities waiting while she snoozed on a tree branch, before finally scampering down and disappearing back into the wilderness Wednesday evening as personnel with bean bag rounds and tranquilizer darts held their fire.

The 3-year-old female black bear was in a tree in Glendale on Friday and authorities were keeping a close watch on it as it sat in a tree.

It was recognizable by a red tag on her right ear, put there two weeks ago after she staged another tree sit-in in Pasadena, being brought down in that case with a tranquilizer dart, according to California Fish and Wildlife officials.

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