Move Over, Ice Cream Trucks…Here Comes an Ice Cream Tesla!

Ben & Jerry's converted one of the luxury electric cars into a vehicle to distribute ice cream and climate change awareness

Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s unveiled what may be the fanciest ice cream truck ever seen. It’s so fancy, it’s not even a truck; it’s a luxury sedan. The company converted an $80,000 Tesla into a serving station on wheels.

“This definitely is not your classic, old-style ice cream truck,” chuckled Jostein Solheim, the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s.

The company will criss-cross the country this year handing out ice cream from the back of the emissions-free vehicle. It arrives in Los Angeles Thursday, April 16, and stays through May 7.

The back seat of the Tesla was removed to make room for a row of freezers that can store 1,500 samples, Solheim explained.

The vehicle, wrapped in colorful and eye-catching graphics, is the centerpiece of what Ben & Jerry’s is calling its “Save Our Swirled Climate Tour.” From the front of the vehicle, tour leaders will distribute info on cutting carbon emissions.

Solheim said the United States owes it to the rest of the world to make major moves on addressing climate change. “We’ve got to take action now,” he told New England Cable News. “This is the most urgent thing we’re working on.”

“It’s, by far, the fanciest delivery vehicle we’ve ever had,” said Jerry Greenfield, the co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s.

Greenfield told NECN he hopes more Americans will start thinking about fun and technologically innovative ways to protect the planet. “We want to use the power and voice of the company to take on bigger issues, and we feel lucky to be able to do it,” Greenfield said of the company’s social mission and advocacy work.

Ben & Jerry’s urged people across the country to follow the company on Twitter at its @BenJerrysTour account to find out where the Save Our Swirled Climate Tour is heading.

Fans can tweet Ben & Jerry’s and let them know about climate change advocacy work they’re doing in their communities, and there’s a chance the company may reward them with a visit from its Tesla to deliver ice cream samples.

From its initial Vermont unveiling, the one-of-a-kind Ben & Jerry’s Tesla headed to New York City for another celebration, then was scheduled to drive all the way to San Diego to kick off the Save Our Swirled Climate Tour, the company said.

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