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Pink's Hot Dogs Changes Iconic Banner to Welcome LeBron to LA

"Pink's Welcomes LeBron to LA!! YAYYY!!"

When customers walk up to the legendary Hollywood hot dog stand, usually the words "Pink's Celebrates 78 Years Thank You Los Angeles!!!" greet them. However, Pink's Hot Dogs has changed its iconic banner Tuesday to welcome the incoming "King," LeBron James. 

The bright pink banner reads, "Pink's Welcomes LeBron to LA!! YAYYY!!!" 

"We've always been Lakers fans, and LeBron has the chance to remake the team," Richard Pink, co-owner of Pink's Hot Dogs, said. "It's a huge moment for Los Angeles, and we wanted to celebrate that."

According to the hot dog stand's Twitter account, Pink's doesn't just change its famous banner for anything. The last time the banner was changed was in celebration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal nuptials in May.

Though the King has become part of the select list of banner changes, will he score his very own hot dog?

"If LeBron wants a hot dog named after him, Pink's would be honored to do that," Pink said.

Martha Stewart, Huell Howser and Emeril Legasse are currently the celebrities with hot dogs available on the menu.

"If a celebrity wants a hot dog named after them, we collaborate on what would be a success here at Pink's," Pink said. "LeBron is used to scoring 30-40 points every game, so I'm sure if he had a hot dog here, he would want one that would score big with customers."

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