Dog Nearly Lost Her Tongue While Getting Groomed at Compton PetSmart

PetSmart says the Yorkshire terrier just happened to stick out her tongue as her face was being groomed

A 4-year-old dog nearly lost her tongue as employees at a PetSmart store in Compton were grooming her.

July, a Yorkshire Terrier, has the distinctive trait of keeping her tongue out. It's part of what owner Cynthia Beezer loves about the little dog.

"That was her signature when I got her," said Beezer. "That's what made me buy her because I was like, 'Oh my God, she’s so cute and unique!'"

Beezer said the dog had blood all over her paws and feet, and that the tongue was hanging off.

PetSmart responded by saying that it was an unfortunate accident that July happened to stick out her tongue at the exact moment the groomer was trimming around her face. July was rushed to the veterinarian to receive treatment.

Beezer understands it was an accident, but she also believes this was negligence and wants PetSmart groomers more properly trained.

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