Gill's Ice Cream Shop Closing Doors After 80 Years

Remodeling troubles are forcing an LA staple to close its doors

An 80-year-old staple at the Original Farmers Market on Fairfax will soon be no more.

Gill's Old Fashioned Ice Cream shop is closing Feb. 22 and will be replaced with different vendor.

"It's very emotional," said owner Jody Gill, the founder's granddaughter. "The farmers market required me to do some remodeling."

Gill says her father's illness and problems with an architect kept her from moving forward with what was required. Now another vendor will be leasing the stall.

"It's kind of sad to see old landmarks such as this closing," said longtime customer Rosa Fernandez, who stopped by to take photos.

Scooper Amadeo says it's been tough seeing tears in customers' eyes, so he tries to keep them laughing.

"I've had customers that start off as toddlers coming here to the point they would drag a chair ... to place an order for soft serve," he said.

The farmers market issued a statement saying they have discussed with Gill's for three years repair work that was needed. They plan to have another family owned ice cream maker in Gill's place soon. They also say it is sad to say farewell.

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