Five Injured When Runaway Gravel Truck Careens Off Cars, Median

A driver captured the truck on camera as it slammed into vehicles in the center and left turn lanes on Valley Boulevard

Five people were injured Wednesday when a gravel truck rear-ended cars and careened off a median on a busy San Gabriel Valley street.

The driver might have suffered a medical emergency when the truck was traveling east on Valley Boulevard at midday, according to police. Callers reported the out-of-control truck and at least one driver captured the collisions on camera.

The truck struck at least five vehicles, some in the center lanes and others in a left turn lane. The truck came to a stop at Valley and San Gabriel boulevards, where the driver was found "semiconscious" on a nearby bus bench, police told the Pasadena Star News.

Two other people were hospitalized and two were treated at the scene, according to police. Details about the hospitalized victims' conditions were not available, but none were considered life-threatening.

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