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Eco Salon

A local salon takes an environmentally friendly approach to facials, hair color and more.



    Eco Salon

    Here is a story I am confident will attract quite a lot of attention from women -- and men -- who care to admit they dye their hair.

    Hair dye is something that has been around for a long time. But only in recent years, has there been more evidence that using these products on a daily basis may, in fact, be bad for your health. Also, bad for the environment when you consider all the chemicals in the products that get washed down the drain. While the FDA says such chemicals in hair dyes in small amounts are not harmful -- many worry about the long-term effects after continued use for a number of years.  

    Have you heard of Eco Salons? Probably not. The owner of Nori's Ecosalon in Encino changed practices there, after feeling the effects of doing five or six hair colors a day. Now the San Fernando Valley salon has become almost completely green. Non-toxic paint and floors. CFL lights and products that contain few chemicals used on customers. The salon seems to be a hit with locals who tell us they not only feel better about using products with fewer chemicals -- but say they look better, too.