Robbers Armed With Gun, Pipe Confront Hikers on Mt. Rubidoux Trail

After two men robbed a group of hikers using a gun and a metal pipe on a popular Mt. Rubidoux trail in Riverside, police were searching for the two thieves Tuesday evening.

Riverside police detectives said four people were hiking Monday night when two men approached the group. One of the men brandished a handgun, while another clutched an 18-inch metal pipe, demanding the hikers’ cellphones.

The robbers ran when they heard other hikers coming down the path, the victims told police.

Other hikers on the trail Tuesday night said they were shocked, and they had felt safe until the robbery Monday night.

"That is scary to me. This is a really safe place and we love coming here," Erika Moreno said. "We escaped from San Bernardino because it's more dangerous over there — now hearing that makes us think twice about coming here."

Teresa Padilla, who was hiking on the trail Wednesday morning, said she carries stun gun for protection.

"Don't target me because you're going to get 7.5 million volts to the butt," Padilla said.

There was no description available of the men.

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