Christmas Eve

Peak Holiday Travel Traffic in December: Interactive Map

Hold onto your seat belts.

Holiday traffic, as it usually is, will be predictably bad near the Los Angeles International Aiport this holiday season as Californians head out and non-Angelenos head in. The worst days will be around Dec. 23, the day before Christmas eve -- Christmas Eve eve, if you will.

It's not just the travelers around the airport that will be affected, but the surrounding communities as well.

Esri, a mapping software, put together data from the last three years, analyzing traffic during these peak times. 

Here's how each color breaks down traffic time:

Green (fast): 85 - 100% of free flow speeds

Yellow (moderate): 65 - 85%

Orange (slow); 45 - 65%

Red (stop and go): 0 - 45%

The map shows live traffic conditions and just how far a weery traveler can get from LAX in an hour. Travelers can also view how traffic changes around DFW, ORD, ATL, and JFK in a 24-hour period.

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