How to Get Out of LAX With New Ride-Share Policy

Starting Oct. 29 LAX has a new system for people exiting the airport called LAX-it, pronounced "LA Exit."

For years, going to and from Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, was a nightmare and required a loving, dear family member or a great friend--unless one wanted to splurge on a taxi service.

Then, Uber, Lyft and the ride-sharing companies came in to provide options that didn't require a family member or friend to show their love with airport pickups and drop-offs.

Unfortunately, getting into and out of LAX -- at least partially due to the congestion caused by ride-share vehicles -- became a bit more painful over time.

Starting Oct. 29, however, LAX has a new system for people exiting the airport called LAX-it, pronounced "LA Exit," and it'll require a little more effort than waiting at the curb. Travelers using ride-shares and taxi services will still be able to get dropped off at LAX.

For people arriving at the airport, there will be a LAX-it shuttle outside baggage claim on level one that takes travelers to a lot where ride-share drivers and taxi drivers can get people out of the airport. Shuttles run every 3-5 minutes, according to the airport.

Travelers can also walk to the lot, which is located before Terminal 1. The location of the lot should also help calm traffic inside the airport.

Companies are also adjusting to the new rules.

Lyft, for one, said in a statement that they would offer "Fast Match," which uses a unique 4-digit code and a dedicated pickup line to help riders meet their drivers and get going faster. 

For more information on LAX-it and a map of where the lot is located, click here.

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