A Sprinkling of Irony

Workers near the offending sprinkler say it's nothing new

The city's water-conservation ordinance says it's illegal to use sprinklers on any day except Monday or Thursday.

Yesterday was Tuesday -- a day that is not Monday or Thursday. That's when the LA Times noticed city sprinklers spraying in a median in the 5100 block of Venice Boulevard during a rainstorm.

"It happens all the time," one worker told the Times.

The water-conservation ordinance was enacted in June, and the most recent numbers from the DWP reveal that people -- some people -- are listening. LA recorded the lowest amount of water use in 18 years during the time period of July through November.

In August, an NBCLA investigation revealed other violators who really should know better.

A DWP spokesman told the Times the agency would investigate the offending spinklers on Venice Boulevard.

You can report sprinkler violations by calling 1-800-342-5397.

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