Brown to Retailers: Get the Lead Out

Attorney General says retailers selling unsafe items for children.

Here at the cusp of the holiday buying spree (or what passes for a spree in the midst of this pesky recession), California Attorney General Jerry Brown issues a warning. It's okay to drop a lump of coal into Junior's stocking if you see fit, but you can't have lead in any product aimed at children.

Brown sent out letters to six big retailers,  telling them to pull from their shelves a number of products testing shows contain excessive amounts of lead. California considers anything more than 300 parts per million to be excessive when it comes to lead.

All of the targeted items contain at least  twice that amount of lead, according to the tests. One had more lthan 70 times the acceptable level. Lead is a toxic metal known to damage the nervous system. Lead can impair brain development, especially in children. They ingest the lead when they put these items in their mouths, or if they just put their hands in their mouths after touching the toys and clothes.

So this is what you want to know. Below is a list of the toys that should be pulled from store shelves. If you see these, the state Attorney General says don't buy them. And if you have them, you should think about returning them.

  • Kids Poncho, sold at WalMart, contains 667 ppm of lead.
  • MSY Faded Glory Rebecca Shoes, sold at WalMart, contains 1331 ppm of lead
  • Dora the Explorer Activity Tote, sold at TJ Maxx, contains 2348 ppm of lead
  • Paula Fuschia Open-Toes Shoes, sold at Sears, contains 3957 ppm of lead
  • Reversible Croco Belt, sold at Target, contains 4270 ppm of lead.
  • Barbie Bike Flair Accessory Kit, sold at Tuesday Morning, contains 6196 ppm of lead.

And the most leaded of them all...

  • The Disney Fairies Silvermist's Water Lily Necklace, sold at Walgreens. Brown says his test results show 22000ppm of lead.   

Brown's office says the Consumer Product Safety Commission has also been notified. The CPSC could order a recall of the products.

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