Cash for Your Old Appliances

Remember the Cash for Clunkers program that was so successful? Now there's another program to save you money. But instead of trading in your car, you trade in your old appliances.

Beginning Thursday, the California Energy Commission will start doling out $35 million in rebates for people willing to upgrade to something more efficient. Stacy Shell came to kick the tires on a new refrigerator Tuesday. If she trades in her old one, it could be worth $200.
"Water bills are outrageous, electricity is expensive, definitely want to participate if it can help get the fees down on that sort of stuff," Shell said.
Workers at SA Recycling in Anaheim are gearing up for what could be the mother-load of re-useable metal. Every day, they smash and shred, separating the steel from the fluff on hundreds of appliances.
"Any type of metal will be recycled, wire, steel it will all be recovered," said Mike Brimhall of SA Recycling.
Washing machines are also on the rebate list, and could be worth $100 on top of any manufacturer rebates.
"They're the products that use the most energy and water, so that's what they go after," said Mark Merriott of the Home Appliance Company.
The program is supposed to last one month, on a first-come, first-served basis. Be warned though: In places like Florida, the rebate checks were gone in a day and a half.
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