Eat Grand Park (in Cupcake Form)

The downtown gathering spot's first birthday is ahead, and Sprinkles is baking.

Call it one of the major markers of an exceptional city, a city that reveals signs of success in myriad offbeat ways: You need to see yourself or your enterprise in baked good form to know you've made it.

Did it very recently happen with a number of Emmy-nominated series? It did indeed; Casey's Cupcakes baked edible versions of "Game of Thrones" and "Downton Abbey." Now one of our biggest and most bustling green spaces will receive its own sugary homage, on the occasion of its first birthday.

Grand Park turns one in October, and Sprinkles Cupcakes will be baking its birthday cake. Well, make that "cakes," as in plural, and "cupcakes" is a bit more accurate. 

The treat's handle is the Grand Park Strawberry Cupcake and you can only purchase it two spots. The locations? The Sprinkles at Figat7th will offer it between Oct. 7 and 11 and the farmers market at Grand Park. The date for that market is Oct. 8, so if you want to actually purchase the Grand Park cupcake in Grand Park, that's one for your calendar.

We like the strawberry theme, too, although our first inclination would have been for a grassy-fountain-flavored cupcake. That would be tasty, right? Kind of? Okay, strawberry is clearly the appropriate choice.

There's a event, too, for the park's first: A Daniel Pearl World Music Days concert on Thursday, Oct. 10. The jazzy evening is part of the Harmony for Humanity concerts.

It's another lovely night in a string of lovely nights for the park. Figure in its first year that Grand Park has hosted National Dance Day, the inflatable luminarium Exxopolis, and a host of free movie nights and music afternoons. So many ventures need a year or two to rev up, but our City Hall-facing green space was large and in charge from the get-go.


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And with that we say: Happy 1st, Grand Park, "The Park for Everyone."

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