Babies Hog the Spotlight at LA Zoo

These vocal little piglets really squeak their minds

Meet LA's three little pigs.

These red river hogs were born April 22 at the LA Zoo. This litter -- the swine couple's fourth -- consists of a male and two females.

They don't quite look like what you'd find on a farm. They have red hair, black and white faces that look like masks, and a white mane that runs from tail to neck.

"The piglets are being well taken care of by their parents," said Curator of Mammals Jeff Holland. "The father is very attentive to the piglets and will escort them around the enclosure and watch over them until mom is ready to feed them."

And, they'll eat anything. Small birds, mammals and amphibians are all on the menu.

The tiny footballs are talkative. They emit a near constant stream of grunts, squeals and squeaks, according to zoo officials.

The hogs weigh just 2 pounds at birth. They can grow to weigh as much as 265 pounds. 

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