Heck Yeah: Dozens of Tubas Playing Carols for Free

TUBACHRISTMAS shall again brass up various parts of the state.

We're fingers-crossing, as we type this -- well, perhaps proverbially -- that people devoted to playing a single instrument are gathering, right now, to talk about emulating the grand, epic, brassy, shiny, and always free TUBACHRISTMAS.

TUBACHRISTMAS, which is, at its sonorous heart, just about carols, cheer, and a whole bunch of tubas rocking out before happy tuba fans, is something to indeed be inspired by. Why can't there be a Xylophone Christmas, where hundreds of xylophoneans gather to play? Or Triangle Christmas, where triangle players ding-ding-ding in the holidays? 

We want both of these things so much now thank you.

But TUBACHRISTMAS, which'll show up at various spots around the state throughout December, is the grandparent to all free single-instrument yuletide concerts. It has been around since 1974, building cheer and tuba love wherever it shows.

Picture this: Dozens, and sometimes dozens upon dozens, of tuba and euphonium-wielding maestros and maestras, all wearing festive outfits, all lined up in chairs, parumping out "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Halls" in tuba-riffic fashion.

Chills, right? It's nice, spirited, and full of a little cheek, as all things tuba tend to be.

Now the only question is the where. TUBACHRISTMAS unfurls at Forest Lawn's Hall of Liberty in Forest Hills on Sunday, Dec. 8, and in Anaheim on Dec. 21. There are many locations, though, which means only one thing: Tuba Christmas on-the-road fans.


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Seriously, is someone out there hitting all of the Tuba Christmases around California? Grateful Dead-style? We want this as much as we want Xylophone Christmas or Triangle Christmas.

To find the concert closest to you, click.

And a final asterisk: While TUBACHRISTMAS is indeed free, some shows ask for canned good donations, and parking may not be free at some spots. Check ahead before you tuba.

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