Hollywood Hills Resident Robbed of Jewelry, Retirement

Thieves Use Tools to Crack Steel Safe

Police still haven't found thieves that made off with millions of dollars worth of jewelry from a Hollywood Hills home last week, robbing the home owner of her retirement fund.

"That was like the worst feeling in my life. I'm still numb. I'm numb," said burglary victim Adrienne Rogers.

What they got away with was an astounding amount of jewelry, worth millions of dollars, given to her by her mom.

"Cartier watches, sapphire diamond bracelets, diamond rings," Rogers said.

The collection was supposed to be Rogers' retirement fund.

"That was my piggy bank. That was what I was going to live on for the rest of my life," Rogers said.

Rogers believes when she got home Friday night the thieves were still in the house.

"I know they were because they left all their tools in the middle of my bedroom," Rogers said.

The tools were used to cut through her safe, Rogers said.


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"When you get a safe, you really have to think to yourself, 'why is it called a safe'? And shouldn't it really be called an almost-safe?" she said.

This is not the first break in the neighborhood, according to Rodgers. It's at least the third. Police may have a lead but, Rodger's said, that's all they'll say. She's hopeful the thieves will be caught.

"They're gonna catch these guys. They're not gonna get away with this amount of jewelry. It's impossible," Rogers said.

In the meantime, Rogers says she's patiently waiting and hopes she can recover her possessions.

Along with warning people not to take the word "safe" literally Rogers has another suggestion:

"Get a neighborhood watch going. Because nobody else is gonna do it."

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