Thieves, Honest Angelenos Drink Tea in WeHo

Last year, Los Angeles came up short in an honesty contest. This year, the competition is back, and users watched the whole thing live on the Internet.

As part of a hidden-camera experiment, Honest Tea set up unmanned booths across the country. The premise is simple -- pay a dollar, take a tea. It appears as if nobody is watching, leaving Angelenos with an ethical dilemma.

Will they pay for their tea, or will they steal it?

Last year, LA finished dead last in the competition, with only 75 percent of people actually paying for their tea.

This year, LA did 10 percent better over 2010's honesty rating, but so did every other city tested, and LA was still at the bottom of the honesty list.

The unmanned booth, located at 802 North San Vicente Blvd. in West Hollywood this year, was streamed live on the Internet on Ustream.

For the 2011 competition, booths were set up in LA, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.

The results will be tallied and released online.

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