If This is the Reaction After Game 4… Uh Oh

With the Los Angeles Lakers winning Game 4 in Orlando, fans began feeling like the championship is now within reach. 

The Lakers need only win of the next three games and they will be NBA champs. 

With a championship a real possibility now, fans began celebrating in the streets of East Los Angeles. 

Fans were seen rocking cars that were stopped at the intersection of Whittier Blvd. and Clela Avenue in the heart of East L.A.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reports there were no arrests and no injuries from the celebration that began following the Lakers victory over the Orlando Magic.

After about a half hour, the Sheriff's Department with the help of the California Highway Patrol moved in and began to disperse the crowd estimated at about 2000 people.  

Game 5 is scheduled for Sunday in Orlando.

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