LAPD: Sixth Street Bridge Will Not Be Closed Indefinitely

On Sunday, The Sixth Street Viaduct was closed for a third night in a row -- for what the Los Angeles Police Department characterized as “illegal activity.”

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The Los Angeles Police Department reported Tuesday that the Sixth Street Bridge in downtown LA would be closed until further notice "due to illegal activity and public safety concerns.''

Wednesday morning the bridge appeared to be open again.

The senior officer who made the post on social media spoke with NBC4 and provided clarification that the bridge will not be closed indefinitely.

Authorities will be monitoring the activity on the bridge and will be determining if it remains open or closed on a day-to-day and night-to-night basis.

On Sunday, The Sixth Street Viaduct was closed for a third night in a row -- for what the Los Angeles Police Department characterized as “illegal activity.”

The $588 million bridge, which opened to the public on July 10, was also closed overnight Saturday due to a traffic collision involving a pickup parked in a no-parking zone that was struck by another vehicle.

Police made several arrests after street takeovers and other unruly behavior temporarily shut down the bridge Friday night. Police Chief Michel Moore said that in two cases, people were pointing green lasers at police officers.

“After a 2-hour closure, the bridge was opened”, the central division tweeted late Friday. "In less than an hour, 200 people arrived for a street takeover, fireworks and vandalism. Maximum enforcement will continue over the weekend.

On Saturday, Moore tweeted one word: “Unacceptable.”

"The area is well lit," Moore said. "The council office is also working with us in an effort to install monitoring cameras."

Some have characterized the bridge mishaps as made-for-social media or Instagrammable escapades designed to gain attention and entertain followers.

There are now talks of using speed bumps and fencing and even installing a central medium to deal with all the activity on the bridge.

The bridge was closed for about two hours Friday evening because of a crash at 9:55 p.m., according to LAPD Officer Rosario Cervantes prior to that night's takeover.

Cervantes said no arrests were made in that instance. However, the Central Division tweeted that anyone who parks on the bridge will have their vehicles cited and/or towed, and anyone present at a bridge takeover will be cited.

Some residents in the community say more needs to be done.

"I personally think that LAPD needs to block off the bridge on both entrances and ban those guys on Friday and Saturday night," said Manny Hackett who lives nearby the bridge. "This is ridiculous. This bridge was built for the community, for convenience, for enjoyment and a few people are trying to ruin it."

NBC4 is trying to get information if the bridge will remain open, if it will be closed again, and what it means to be closed indefinitely.

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