Largest Local Recycle Drive Headed for LA Live

Faxes, phones, and more: Gather your stuff and make for downtown.

Just about every home has not one but three places where recycling is stored. There's a bag or bin in the kitchen or laundry room, which collects cans and plastics. There's the bigger bin outside, which gets wheeled to the curb once a week.

And then there's The Pile, capital T and capital P, where old phones and fax machines and electronics and bulbs stack up over weeks and months and sometimes years. The intention of The Pile, and the pile-makers, is a good one: Haul the not-used-any-longer goods to the nearest recycling center, when time warrants.

But time doesn't often warrant. Good thing, then, that America Recycles Day rolls around each year as a mondo reminder to us all not to let our ever-growing piles grow, well, pile-lier.

It's happening on Friday, Nov. 15, and LA Live is hosting what's billed as the city's largest drive. The day is positively large in scope, too: Televisions, fax machines, mobile devices, VCRs, keyboards, computers, and microwaves are all on the a-OK list. Meaning your bulkier stuff? Yeah, clear that out.

But not too bulky. "Large and small appliances" will not be accepted, nor dehumidifiers. Best take a looksie at the can and can't-haul-in list before making for downtown.

A chance to win two tickets to a Lakers game is one end result of donating your old goods at the entertainment center's Nokia Plaza.

The best part about it? You'll have recycled and been kind-minded in all the appropriate eco ways. The second best part? No more piles clogging up closets and such at home. Which means you can do a pre-holiday clean-spree the weekend after you donate. It truly is an "everyone wins" situation.

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