Look! Up in the Sky!

It's a huge aircraft, but it seats only 12 passengers

If you were near Long Beach on Thursday, chances are you saw a unique aircraft overhead. For the first time in several decades, a Zeppelin took to the skies over southern California.

The Zeppelin NT is 246 feet long, but the passenger cabin is quite small -- seating only 12 passengers.

Those who were onboard Thursday described the flight as peaceful and quiet. They said it was like floating above Long Beach.

The Zeppelin NT will be in Long Beach through Memorial Day, offering one hour flights for $495 a person, $750 for a couple. For information about this weekend's flights, click here.

On Tuesday, the Zeppelin NT will head back to its home base in Northern California. That flight will take about 8 hours. When nature calls -- and it probably would on a flight like that -- the bathroom on board has a window, so passengers and crew don't miss a minute of the view.

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