Melting Hearts: World Chocolate Day

It's a sweet occasion many of us likely lusciously observe all year long.

Much like you do not need to be coaxed into grabbing the last chocolate in the candy box — you were going to, anyway, once you were fairly sure everyone else present was done and/or out of the room — you don't need to be nudged into celebrating World Chocolate Day.

For chocolate probably crosses your path daily, in some form, whether it is a drizzling atop a morning scone or a nighttime scoop of something creamy and cold. But acknowledging our affections for all things cocoa is a worthwhile and authentic pursuit, and acknowledge we shall on Thursday, July 7.

True, we have a bevy of national chocolate-themed holidays, from National Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day on Jan. 3 to National Chocolate Chip Day on May 15, but July 7 is truly an international affair (note there is also an International Chocolate Day on Sept. 13, an entirely distinct occasion).

How to celebrate, beyond finding the last cupcake in the cupboard and devouring it with a cup of chocolate milk? You can look ahead to Oct. 1, which is when the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon returns to Pasadena with all manner of fancy nougats and salted caramel tidbits and chefly demos and other gooey goings-on.

While the 2016 participants still haven't been announced, Valenza Chocolatier, Copper Cauldron Candy Co., and Taza Chocolate are on the roster of past participants.

Reserving your tickets? Start here.

Marking World Chocolate Day? That's as easy as unwrapping the nearest chocolate bar, and finding the nearest jar of fudge as a possible (probable) dip.

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