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Millions of Bottles Worth of Baby Formula Arrive in LA County

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Millions of bottles worth of baby formula arrived in LA County Sunday afternoon, as part of president Joe Biden’s “Operation Fly Formula” mission.

The city of LA just put a stop to baby formula price gouging as parents try to get their hands on it.

The formula was shipped from Australia and is expected to make its way onto Ralphs and Albertsons store shelves in the next few days.

“You would think something that important would not run out, you would think it’s a staple of our society especially in the U.S.,” said Shirley Bridewell, a mother of two. 

Pallets and pallets of “Bubs infant formula” shipped from Australia Saturday morning and headed for LAX.

Suppliers say it’s enough formula to fill more than two million bottles and will be in Ralphs and Albertsons stores, in Southern California, in the next few days.

It's part of President Joe Biden’s fourth “Operation Fly Formula” mission, a big relief for parents who’ve been dealing with the national baby formula shortage.

“You’re just like, well how am I going to feed my baby?” said Allison Bonang, a mother to a 7-month-old baby.

Bonang was getting formula shipped from Europe for her 7-month-old baby boy before the shortage, until supplies ran short.

“I tried to get more and it was just canceled, because I guess all the people who were ordering here also ordered from Europe,” Bonang said. “I’ve now stock-piled and found it from somewhere.”

She says she has enough, for now and hopes this next shipment helps others.

“I’m very happy to hear that people are finally getting formula. it’s the scariest thing not being able to feed your baby,” Bonang said. 

The city of LA is also jumping into action.

On Friday, City Council ratified Mayor Eric Garcetti’s emergency declaration to prevent baby formula price gouging, making it illegal to sell formula for more than 10% of the price charged prior to the crisis.

Meanwhile, LAX saw 95,000 tins of formula arrive on Sunday.

“Hopefully this will be a good lesson and never happens again, whether it’s baby formula or some other staple we rely on,” Bridewell said.

The Biden Administration is already preparing plans for their fifth operation.

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