More Than 3,000 Patients and Staff at State's Nursing Homes Infected With Coronavirus, Data Shows

Officials have started tracking the scope of the coronavirus at nursing homes


Some 1,740 patients and 1,290 staff members at nursing homes up and down California have been infected with coronavirus, according to data released by the state Department of Public Health.

Of the 1,224 skilled nursing facilities in California, 258 have reported having one or more COVID-19 case by either a resident or a health care worker, according to the data.

The home with the most patients with coronavirus is ​the Redwood Springs Healthcare Center in Tulare County with 91 residents infected and 46 healthcare workers infected, followed by Brier Oak in Los Angeles with 80 residents infected and 62 healthcare workers infected, the data shows.

There are cases reported at nursing facilities in 33 of the state's 58 counties. LA had the most with coronavirus cases reported at 148 nursing homes, followed by Riverside with 19, San Bernardino with 14 and Orange with 12.

The data is not perfect. The agency only reports exact numbers for any facility reporting more than 11 people or staff infected with coronavirus. The agency does not report any number less than 11. There are 112 facilities reporting fewer than 11 coronavirus infections among residents and 180 facilities reporting fewer than 11 coronavirus infections among healthcare workers.

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