Woman Forgives Gang That Killed Her Son's Father, LAPD Seizes Their Weapons

A mother has said she has forgiven the gang members who fatally shot her son's father in front of him.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, spoke after the Los Angeles Police Department seized the group's arsenal, though the murder weapon was not found.

Juan Chavez, 39, was gunned down as he stood with his 15-year-old son in an apartment courtyard in Pacoima last August. Police said they were innocent bystanders caught up in a dispute between rival gangs.

"He witnessed everything. He witnessed his dad get shot, he's the one who called 911," the woman, who only wanted to be identified as Jackie, said. "Nothing will bring him back but because of my love for God, my son and I forgive them."

Jackie also said the incident was still affecting her son.

"He understands everything that's happening but his mind still hasn't processed everything he's in therapy right now," Jackie said.

After Chavez was killed detectives began searching for the gang responsible, and later found the getaway car. The discovery provided information that led to search warrants being  served on three homes in Arleta. They found 16 weapons, including assault rifles, handguns and body armor.

Police arrested three gang members, including a minor detectives believe was the shooter, however they are still looking for the 9 mm gun used to kill Chavez.

"He's admitted to it. He's admitted to the gun and where he got it and what he did with it," Officer Gabriel Bucknell said.

However, the detective conceded that while the weapons seizure would be a blow to the gang, it would not stop its activity.

"It will impact what they do for a little bit but they'll right back to it I'm sure before long," Officer Bucknell said.

Police said there are up to 30 gangs in the Pacoima area and the guns were seized from one of the smaller gangs.

Michael Larkin contributed to this report

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