“Debauchery”‘ Raises Concern at Defunct Amusement Park

Parent says thousands of teens partying, some in their underwear and some doing drugs

Last week, the owner of a defunct amusement park property owner, Shahvand Aryana, promised police that any raves or all-night parties thrown at Pharoah's would be restricted to 18 and up. But underage attendance is just part of the problem, some parents and police officers say.

The concerned adults told the San Bernardino Sun that the Pharaoh's Theme and Water Park is being used as a site for raves, and advertisements for the parties say they are open for kids 12 and up. Parents also say say the drug ecstasy is prevalant at these parties.

One Redlands father spent an entire weekend searching for his 14-year old daughter, who snuck off too one of the all-night parties. When he showed up at the rave he was shocked to find thousands of kids, some in their underwear and some doing drugs. He found his daughter two days laters, recovering from an ecstacy binge. She was with a 40-year-old man from Denver who reportedly frequents the parties.

Even some Redlands police officers, hired for security at these parties, said they were so concerned about the nature of the partying they witnessed that they raised the concern to Police Chief Jim Bueermann. The Chief asked officials to review Pharoah's permits and determine in the city can intervene.

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