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Caught on Camera: Best Buy Security Guard Confronts Phone Thief Armed With Pepper Spray and a Knife

When an employee placed two phones on the store counter, the thief stuffed them in his bag and made a run for the exit

A cell phone thief pulled out a knife and pepper spray when a confrontation with a security guard spilled outside a West Hollywood Best Buy.

No serious injuries were reported in the scuffle, reported Thursday at about 8 p.m. at the store int he 11300 block of West Pico Boulevard. Police released security camera video Monday in an effort to track down the armed and dangerous criminal.

"Anyone who enters a business to steal something and struggle with an employee should be considered armed and dangerous, especially because he had pepper spray and was armed with a knife," said LAPD Officer Tony Im. "I suggest if you see him don't try to stop him. Just call police."

Police said security personnel recognized the man from previous encounters when he walked in the store last week with a brown satchel over his shoulder.

In-store security camera video clearly showed the thief's face. It also captured a security guard's attempt to corral him as he bolted toward the store exit. 

The man had asked to look at two cell phones. When an employee placed them on the counter, he stuffed them in his bag and ran, police said. 

Once outside, the two briefly grappled for the stolen items before the man pointed an object at the guard.


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Police said the man, armed with pepper spray and a knife, then ran away.

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