SoCal Boy Starts Charity to End Homelessness

The 10-year-old was too young to volunteer with most charities that help the homeless, so he started his own

"It is better to give than to receive." Those are words Jonas Corona, 10, of Long Beach has lived by more than half his young life.

Jonas has been feeding and providing for homeless kids and their families since he was 4 years old, and it all started during a trip to LA's Skid Row.

"We had been going with my sister in law to skid row, and he just really enjoyed going so we let him come along," said Jonas’ mother, Renee.

"When he really wanted to do more, I was like, 'okay are you really sure this is what you want to do?'" she said.

Jonas was sure. He was too young to volunteer with most charities that help the homeless, so he created his own, called "Love in the Mirror" at the age of 6.

"Every child should look in the mirror and love themselves," Jonas said. "I just feel that it's not fair that kids my age and younger, and even adults don't have anything."

His current mission, collecting 10,000 socks for needy families - a goal that puts him in the running for a charity competition called "Crowdrise" - founded by actor and philanthropist Edward Norton. The winner could win a grand prize of $100, 000 which would help Jonas' charity and his ultimate goal.

"I wish that homeless cannot exist anymore. That everyone should have a house, that everyone has what they need to survive," Jonas said. "That is the goal of my organization."

His mother said her pint-sized son reaches her heart more than she imagined.

"He teaches us a lot, he teaches his little brother and me and my husband so much about not taking for granted the stuff we have," Renee said.

If you would like to help Jonas, you can donate to his Crowdrise competition or visit his website here:


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