Suspected Tire Thief Tackled After High-Speed Pursuit

A suspected tire thief was arrested Thursday after a wild high-speed police chase ended when officers spun out the truck and chased the man down into a front yard.

The truck weaved through traffic, swiped at least one innocent bystander, hit a blue car in a turn and nearly sideswiped another. The chase wound its way through Norwalk streets, even speeding on the wrong side of the road, before ending in Buena Park.

"I was right in the middle of the turn, this truck comes flying by me," said Shari Boudreau, a witness. "He's less than 4 inches away from me. I just froze. I figured right then I was in a high-speed chase."

The chase ended when police spun out the truck which slammed into a power pole and sent the suspect sprinting.

An officer lost his footing before the suspect tripped and another officer jumped on top of him.

"It was perfect," said Patricia Esterline, a witness. "He got him."

Officers arrested the driver, his face bloodied.

The bed of the truck was filled with several tires that police said he had just stolen from a Big O Tires on Beach Boulevard, starting the pursuit.

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