Survivor of Oakland Police Shootings Identified

The Oakland police officer who survived Saturday's shootout with a wanted parolee at an Oakland apartment building is finding solace by caring for the families of his slain colleagues, his attorney said.
Sgt. Pat Gonzales, an 11-year veteran of the Police Department, was part of an "extremely close group," and lost not only four colleagues but also good friends he regularly socialized with, his attorney Harry Stern  said.

The four policemen killed were Sgts. Mark Dunakin, Daniel Sakai and Ervin Romans, and Officer John Hege.

"Since the incident, almost every waking hour has been spent arranging (funeral) details for the other officers who died," Stern said.

Gonzales, who along with his wife is also caring for their 2-week-old baby, is a "consummate professional," Stern said.

"His fortitude is extraordinary. It was displayed both at the incident itself and the aftermath," Stern said. "Instead of seeking medical  attention for himself, he went to care for the family of his colleague."

Following the shootout at the apartment with wanted parolee Lovelle Mixon, 26, Stern said Gonzales drove himself to the hospital after  one bullet grazed his protective helmet and a second penetrated his shoulder.  He then made contact with the wife of his fallen colleague, Stern said.

Stern said the road to recovery for Gonzales will be a long one.

"Time will only tell what the emotional effect will be on him," he  said.

Stern said he expects that Gonzales will attend Friday's public funeral for the four officers at the Oracle Arena.

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