Thousands of Teachers Rally Against Budget Cuts

Thousands flood Pershing Square to Deliver a message

Thousands of Teachers rallied in Pershing Square to protest budget cuts that they claim can ruin public school education.

Nearly 5,000 teachers from all over the Los Angeles Unified School district as well as students protested another $4 billion in cuts to public education that's been proposed in Sacramento.

They say the cuts could cost another 20,000 teachers their jobs.

"This could be the largest job loss for teachers since the Great Depression," said Eric Heins, the Vice President-elect of the California Teachers Association.

The rally was called "State of Emergency" to get the message across to state legislators that time is running out.

They want the State Legislature to extend temporary tax increases that are scheduled to expire June20th.  

Teachers say putting a special election on the November ballot will be too late. By that time, school will be back in session with crowded classrooms and far fewer teachers.

One elementary school teacher noted that third grade classes will be as large as 39 students.

Kindergartens will have 29 students, another said.

A teacher from Santee Education Complex who has a leadership class brought his students with him for a real life lesson.
"These are the future doctors, lawyers and bankers," said Trebor Jacquez. "Tell Sacramento, enough is enough."


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