Did Tweeting With the Twitternator Tank?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants you to follow him, but those who Twittered with him on Tuesday might think twice after a lackluster debut in the Twitter world.

As part of his "Ask the Governor" webcast Tuesday afternoon, Schwarzenegger took questions via his Twitter page. The event was moderated by Bill Bradley of New West Notes. The governor took about eight questions via Twitter during the 45-minute webcast, but many more were submitted. "Alonis" tweeted it was "a waste of bandwidth."

Some questions involved the governor's future, such as whether he will run for Senate or accept a position in the Obama administration.

"I made it clear I'm not looking for a position because I'm serving as governor," Schwarzenegger said. "It's very important to me. I want to stay here and I want to finish the job and do everything I can to help California fix some of these broken things."

The governor also is using Twitter to highlight Earth Week events. "Check out what I wrote for Earth Day http://bit.ly/3ywdw & I urge you to take the 20% in 20 Days Challenge http://bit.ly/nvXu3."

The Challenge is based on the idea that if everyone reduced energy consumption by 20 percent, the planet would avoid a climate crisis.

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