Two Southern California Locals Are Lucky Lottery Winners

Two Southern California locals try their luck on some California lottery scratchers and are now $1 million richer.

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Have you ever tried your luck on a lottery scratcher?

Two Southern California residents struck some luck and they are now $1 million richer.

Jason Brody and Wilbur Staton Jr. are the lucky winners that spent $10 on a lottery scratcher and are happy they did.

Brody bought his Lucky 50X Fortune Scratcher at the Chumash Gas Station in Santa Ynez and had a 1 in 3.30 odds of winning.

Staton bought his Gold Rush ticket at the Pilot Travel Center Gas Station in Barstow. He had a 1 in 2.92 odds of winning.

Brody and Stanton both beat the odds.

All the money spent on the California lottery goes toward supporting public schools in the state.

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