Crash Involving Uber in Inglewood Damages Building

A seemingly out-of-control SUV struck two other vehicles before crashing into an Inglewood boutique Saturday afternoon, injuring four people. An Uber sticker was visible on one of the vehicles involved in the crash, though it was not immediately clear if the ride-sharing vehicle was in operation or had a passenger at the time of the collision.

One of the victims, the store owner's daughter, was working at the cash register when the SUV ran into the shop. She was hit with the register, dragged to the back of the store and pinned underneath the vehicle, a witness told NBC4.

The victim was hospitalized with cuts, bruises and a sprained ankle, according to her mother.

Inglewood Collision Sends Car Slamming Into Building

Three customers inside the boutique were also injured, according to witnesses.

The driver of the SUV claimed not to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, witnesses said. The Inglewood Police Department has not yet returned NBC4's requests for comment.

The crash occurred at approximately 3 p.m.

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