Robbers Ransack Sun Valley House in Home Invasion Robbery, Armed With Bat and Gun

One man was injured after two masked, armed men held up a family of four late Thursday during a home invasion robbery in Sun Valley.

One man was armed with a bat and the other with a firearm as they tied up two men with either handcuffs or zip ties during the robbery on Elkwood Street, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The pair ransacked the house for up to 30 minutes and left with an unknown amount of cash or property.

The family, which included a child estimated to be 9-years-old, were all home at the time of the robbery. According to a woman who was home during the home invasion, the masked intruders were able to enter the home through the back patio window.

The injured victim is believed to have been hit in the head with either the bat or gun. 

Surveillance cameras were rolling at the house during the robbery and police will be taking the footage for investigation. 

Police suspect the victims may have known the robbers, but are still investigating to confirm.

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