2 Metro Buses Shot by Pellet Gun

Passengers said they were glad to be alive following the incident.

Someone shot a pellet gun at a Los Angeles Metro bus carrying eight passengers Monday night, breaking a few windows, and then did the same to a relief bus sent to assist passengers, according to officials from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

The first bus driver was heading east on Imperial Highway approaching Central Avenue when he heard a popping sound, according to Lt. Rich Maradiaga of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Transit Division.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm glad to be alive," Anthony Miller said, a passenger on the that bus. It was his first time taking this route.

Miller was on his phone when the bus "richocheted" before the driver pulled over and informed passengers that the bus had been shot at, he said.

Windows on the side of the bus were broken.

After the driver informed passengers what had happened, he notified authorities, Maradiaga said. A relief bus came to take away passengers stranded by the investigation, it was also shot with a pellet gun.

No injuries were reported, and no suspect information was immediately available.

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