Minivan Driver Who Appeared to Lick Knife During Long Beach Road Rage Encounter Out on Bond

The strange road rage encounter began after one driver cut off another.

A road rage face-off took a bizarre turn when minivan driver, Matthew John Caple, appeared to lick a large knife as he glared at the occupants in a SUV next to him in Long Beach.

The 33-year-old Long Beach resident was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on June 27 and released on a $30,601 bond Friday.

The strange road rage encounter began on June 24 after one of the drivers cut off the other, which was not recorded, but the aftermath was caught on camera by a quick-thinking witness who watched in disbelief.

"He started pointing the knife at them and yelling at them," said Greg Danner, the witness who caught the encounter on his phone.

The driver in the dark minivan can be seen getting out of his vehicle and waving a knife. Then, after he returns to his vehicle, he again brandishes the knife and appears to lick it while looking at the people in the other vehicle.

"Who does that? It was a huge Ka-Bar," Rickease Williams, who was the driver of the jeep, said. "He was just gallantly waving it around."

A Ka-Bar is a common name for a combat knife Williams immediately recognized.

"You do not pull--I repeat--you do not pull a weapon on a Marine, especially a disabled veteran," Williams said emphatically.

Williams, who said he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, was dropping off a friend at the airport. The knife-wielding driver cut them off, leading to the standoff, he said.

"He went up a little further and braked again," Williams said. "So I'm like, 'I'm not playing these games with you.'"

The encounter doesn't stop there. Williams pulled over to get the cell phone video from that witness, who continued to record as the knife-wielding driver threatened to take his phone.

Williams' message to the driver?

"You could have hurt somebody. Just wave your sorry and go about your day. That's what normal Long Beach people do."

The knife-wielding driver appeared to have out of state plates, and Williams said he filed a police report.

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