Montebello Business Builds Underground Anti-Nuclear Shelters

One Montebello business has been building 1500-square-foot shelters in wake of recent threats from North Korea.

The owner of a Montebello business that has been building 1500-square-foot underground shelters says he's received a significant number of calls in the wake of recent threats from North Korea.

Atlas Survival Shelters builds underground shelters meant to protect residents from biological, nuclear and chemical attacks.

Rob Hubbard, the owner of Atlas Survival Shelters, said the bunkers come with a fully-equipped kitchen, television, bedrooms and a complete bathroom. Some designs can house a family of six.

The cheapest bunker costs less than $10,000 and the most luxurious option is over $100,000.

Hubbard said recent calls he's received have been substantial due to the increased interest in these shelters.

This article was translated from a video from our sister station, Telemundo52.

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