Mr. Romance: 5-year-old OC Boy Puts Together Romantic Date for His Girlfriend

Kingsley Logan said he decided to wear his fancy blue suit for the special night because it's "church clothes," and because he wanted to look nice for his date, Ellie Marquez.

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All husbands and boyfriends may have to take note from a 5-year-old boy from Orange County.

Kingsley Logan of San Juan Capistrano impressed his best friend, 6-year-old Ellie Marquez, along with his family and friends with thoughtful and romantic gestures for his BFF.

This past Valentine’s Day, Kingsley planned a special date for Ellie.

The 5-year-old in his powder blue suit first gifted his friend with a chocolate rose and handmade card. He then escorted her to his dad’s old-fashioned truck, which was transformed into a temporary al fresco dining spot, decorated with Valentine’s Day-themed blankets and pillows along with red balloons and stick candles, which he was “adamant about,” according to his mom, Danielle Logan.

“When I came home from work to get things set up, he was already in his suit,” the mom of four recalled. She added that her son was hands-on with the preparations. “He made sure he had special pillows, special blankets. He had this heart blanket out for her because it was really cold.”

Ellie also made sure she was ready to exchange valentines with her bestie.

“I got him a card with one dollar in it,” said the 6-year-old.

Ellie’s mom, Anna Marquez, said it was touching to see her little girl being treated like a princess already.

“It’s nice for me to see my daughter arrive to something that was planned out and arranged for her, which was very sweet,” Marquez, also a mom of four, said. “Just seeing him there in his suit and a rose – it was so cute.”

The romantic dinner menu included mac-and-cheese and fish sticks as well as heart-shaped strawberries and sugar cookies, decorated by the gentleman himself.  

According to the families, Kingsley has a track record of doing thoughtful, sweet things for Ellie. For her last birthday, Kingsley got her a heart-shaped key necklace because it’s the “key to his heart.”

“The whole family had to go to Zale’s to get it. He paid for it everything” recalled Kingsley’s mom, who said her son “insisted” on getting Ellie jewelry. “I figured if he wants to get his lady jewelry, we’ve got to foster that!”

The Marquez and Logan families have known each other for decades, but their bonds are becoming stronger as they raised children of similar ages together.

“Our families have so much love for each other,” Marquez said. “It’s great to have people in our lives that we can see the same relationship building in our children.”

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