“The View” Ladies Tackle John Mayer N-Word Controversy

Fallout continues after Mayer's apology for using racial slur

John Mayer may have quickly apologized after his use of the N word in a Playboy interview that was made public on Wednesday, but he hasn't managed to stop the fall out.

Although the rocker has apologized for using the racial slur, claiming on Twitter, "It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize using it," on Thursday, a host of stars were reacting to the news, including the ladies of "The View."

"John Mayer… the singer, he's been making headlines for a Playboy interview where he uses the N word, likens sex with Jessica Simpson to snorting cocaine and likens his penis… to a white supremacist because he's not into sex with black women," Whoopi said, recounting the Playboy interview talking points and opening up the discussion, something the ladies got very animated about.

"Your heart might not be racist… so does he have a racist penis?" Sherri Shepherd asked.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who was also fired up, suggested John should have stuck to leaving his words within the context of a melody.

"If he just like, put it in a song, probably no one would have even paid attention," she chimed in.

But the ladies had fun at the expense of the musician too.

"Your body is a 'Wonderland' for only white girls," Sherri sang, referencing John's song "Your Body Is A Wonderland."

Whoopi then whipped up a song of her own.

"I've got two (mouthes the word "penises"). One is a white supremacist," she sang, bobbing her head from side to side.

As the discussion continued, Whoopi made her comments without speaking, rolling her eyes and throwing her head back and making a zombie like face, while holding her arms straight out in front of her.

"He's a white boy from the suburbs of Connecticut," Joy Behar chimed in as the discussion wound down. "He's trying to be hip and it ain't working John."

Beyond "The View," few stars seemed to be using Twitter to chime in on the John Mayer headlines, but comedian Dane Cook did post about it.

"February is black history month or as John Mayer calls it the month my hood pass expired," he wrote.

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