Bodie Photo Buffs, It's Time to Plan for 2020

Have a stellar snap of the beautiful Mono County ghost town? Enter it soon in the annual calendar contest.

2019? It's here, and as years go, it seems pretty easy to remember. And remember, we'll need to, when we're signing documents, or dating letters, or filling out forms, or writing a check. Sure, we may be 2018-ing for a few more months — it is probably around February when most year-writers take full care to jot down the accurate date — but we're here to implore you not to think of 2018, nor even of 2019, but rather of the year that's, well, a full year away. At least, that it is, if you're a true-blue Bodie buff, as blue as the vast sky above the remote and spectacular Mono County ghost town. For you may now enter the annual calendar contest, the one for, you got it...

2020: If you're ready to think ahead to that year, and to send your amazing Bodie-based photograph in, for possible calendar inclusion, well, best do so by February 1, 2019. Of course, you'll want to think ahead, to 2020, as we suggested, but loving Bodie State Historic Park is also all about casting your thoughts into a long ago era, the time when miners ruled the rough-and-tumble town, a place that still boasts dozens upon dozens of wind-weathered, photo-amazing structures. The kind of structures that help create a perfect day spent wielding a camera, making Bodie one of the must-visits for photogs around the Golden State (and beyond).

BODIE FOUNDATION CALENDAR ENTRY DETAILS... may be found at the contest page, so review all before sending your favorite taken-by-you snap into the competition. You can send up to five, in fact, but do note some of the rules regarding format and such. You'll get your picture in the calendar, if you're chosen, and, yep, you'll get a gratis calendar, too, which you'll surely and understandably show off throughout 2020, when it hangs upon your wall, and for many years still to come.

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