British Beer Festival


LOVELY LAGERS: What does a proper Steampunk lass or lad imbibe? Oh, maybe a bit of tea, properly boiled, now and then (and they always handle their favorite loose-leafed tea in just the correct manner, too). Perhaps a little cream sherry. And beer? Well, huzzah. Beers and ales and lagers and stouts are certainly a big part of the Steampunk universe, at least for Steampunk-loving adults who are of age and have an interest in the liquid arts. With that in mind, Muzeo in Anaheim, which is currently hosting a major exhibit on all devices Neo-Victorian, is throwing a British Beer Festival on Saturday, Nov. 12.

PINTS GALORE: Local pub The Olde Ship -- now there's a name that's sure to get the Steampunkian's clockwork heart beating fast -- will be providing the libations and food (fish and chips are on the menu, of course). There shall be tunes, too; no word if they involve cellos powered by steam, but one can dream. Cost is $49. That includes a Muzeo ticket -- score -- and 15 sample tickets -- score again. If you go, and you love the genre, don't write us and tell us you forgot to dress up. You know you're wearing your top hat and your breeches and all that brass jewelry you save for the Steampunkiest days of the year. The British Beer Festival certainly qualifies.

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