Cypress Inn: Love on the Rocks Package

Cocktails, a posh room, and a kayak adventure await.

THAT ONE WORD: If you visualize some of California's most famous getaways, do particular words instantly pop into your mind? Perhaps when you hear Hotel del Coronado you think "turret," and "glass" is what you most associate with LA's own Westin Bonaventure. What, pray tell, do you visualize when The Cypress Inn comes up in conversation? For sure, you probably think "Doris Day" or "Carmel-by-the-Sea" but "dogs" are what people, especially Fido fans, easily alight upon first. For Ms. Day's 1920s charmer is so sweet on the pooches that one can almost feel as if the hotel's visiting pups made the reservations and their humans are just along for the trip. How famously animal-oriented is this historic landmark? There's a dogly Director of Pet Relations, complimentary pet blankets, and maps of hound-happy destinations around the area. So planning a trip to The Cypress Inn with an initial focus on couple fun, rather than your furry charges, can be the slightest bit discombobulating at first. But an upcoming couples-oriented package should soon ease any discombobulation. Love on the Rocks is the Carmel nook's wintertime special, it starts on New Year's Day and runs through the end of February, and just because it is about you and your honey does not mean your doggy BFF can't join you -- he or she can, of course, and should.

JUST MAKE SURE... that you book one of the Inn's suggested pet sitters before the two of you humans head out by kayak, which is part of the package. It's a rental through Adventures by the Sea, and the outing includes "scouting the rugged shoreline at Lover's Point in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary." Will you spy otters and seals? Chances are good. (You'll have to tell Fido all about it, when you return to your hotel room, but just make sure he knows that he's always and forever the numero uno animal in your life.)

OTHER PARTS OF THE PACKAGE... include those well-appointed Cypress Inn accommodations. You'll stay for a night, you'll get breakfast, turndown chocolates, and a cocktail flight (that's poured for two, natch). Price? The kick-off is $225 per night, covering both of you. Can your pupster join? Absolutely. This is The Cypress Inn, the California stay-over must likely to summon the word "dog" to every hotel- and hound-loving traveler's mind.

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