Firefighters Rescue 4-Year-Old Trapped in Safe

A 4-year-old playing a game gets himself trapped in a safe until firefighters come to the rescue

A 4-year-old boy was rescued after trapping himself in a gun safe at a sporting goods store in Utah Saturday.

The boy reportedly opened the unlocked gun safe, entered it, and was shut inside for 15 minutes.

Employees called the fire department after several failed attempts to enter the code disabled the ability to continue, reported NBC affiliate KSL.

"It was an interesting case because we prepare oftentimes for very odd scenarios utilizing cars or trains, rail cars or trenches or things like that. Rarely do we ever consider a gun safe," Capt. David Ermer said.

Rescuers were able to obtain a code from the safe's manufacturer to open it, avoiding cutting or drilling.

The boy remained calm and safe from any real danger.

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