Google+ Hits 20 million Unique Visitors


Google+, the new guy on the social networking scene isn't doing too bad. After Google CEO Larry Page announced last week that Google+ had 10 million users in a mere two weeks, it appears they've added another 10 million users. Talk about being the hottest thing in town.

People said that Google couldn't build a social network that anybody would give two cents about, but somehow they've managed to do just that. According to an independent comScore report, the new Google+ social network has hit 20 million unique visitors in three weeks.

Google+ Growth is Through the Roof

Some have called Google+ a Facebook ripoff. Some have joined simply to see what the buzz is all about, much like how everybody started Google Buzzing and Waving for a brief moment in time and then disappeared into oblivion. For now, none of that matters. Google+ is gaining more users everyday, and Google is sure to be super excited by all the signups.

ComScore's vice president of industry analysis, Andrew Lipsman said that Google+'s growth is shooting up so fast that the closest comparison isn't even one really one — Twitter saw the same growth spurt in 2009, but that spanned several months, not three weeks.

The huge uptick in unique visitors is happening despite Google+ being in beta and invite-only. I've only begun to mess with Google+ for a short time, but my feelings are mixed.

Hopping on the Bandwagon

On the one hand, I love the "Circles" idea that lets you share things with groups, rather than everybody as on Facebook (unless you manually block people), but on the other, I really don't like how the red and gray design puts me to sleep and how anybody can add me in their "Circles" without my approval. Strangers I don't even know are "associating" themselves with me...

An iPhone-only (no iPad and iPod Touch support yet) Google+ app released two days ago could have helped the social network's traffic spike up, but will the momentum stick?

When I look at my Circles list, 75 percent of the people have never posted anything, or hardly even bothered to set up a proper profile. This worries me, as this might indicate that Google+ is just worth a peek, but not worth a long stay.

20 million users in three weeks is a lot, and might be a great milestone for Google, but it's still small potatoes compared to Facebook's 700 million and Twitter's 200 million users. Google+ has a long road ahead. Can it win the marathon, instead of the sprint?

Tell us in the comments below how your Google+ experience has been. Like it? Hate it? We're all ears.

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