Honeycomb? Big, Big, Big!


Google is at again. Not satisfied with disrupting the smartphone market with its first two Android software offerings, the search giant is back with a new 'Droid, this time for tablets only.

This means not only does Google have Apple's iPhone in its sights, but it's also planning to take a chunk out of the iPad market.

The newest Android release is called Honeycomb. We saw a brief demo of Honeycomb on a few tablets at CES; Google says it will roll out the whole thing later this morning.

The look? Very smooth, with lots of opportunities for you to customize your screen by moving things around with your fingers.

Look for devices to be rolled out from the likes of Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Acer, just to name some.

We'll update the Google rollout here, and on Twitter: @scottbudman

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