How ATM Skimmers Can Steal Credit Card Info Undetected

Cameras make it more important than ever to cover the keypad when at the ATM

ATM card "skimmers," hard-to-spot devices that let crooks read debit card information during cash withdrawals, are using new devices to learn users' PIN numbers as they type, "Today" reported.

Tiny cameras can be pointed at the keypad, which enabled cybersecurity expert Jim Stickley to skim a set of ATM users in a real-life test, taking both their debit card information and the PIN codes. None of the people who took part could tell they were being skimmed.

Other devices can be placed over the keypad to detect what buttons are being pressed.

Banks are developing new techniques to thwart the skimmers, but to avoid being scammed, cover the keypad when entering the PIN number, and check to see if there's a fake keypad cover when at the ATM.

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