iPhone 5 Event Oct. 4: Reports

Updated: In a post-Jobs world, Apple seems to be sticking with its standard operating procedure: make major announcements on Tuesdays. Sources tell All Things D that on Oct. 4 new CEO Tim Cook's first product launch may well be the iPhone 5.

Stay tuned for when Apple sends out the official invites.


It's rare when, twice in one day, Apple employees are sources for rumor stories around the iPhone 5. In the end, it's still just a rumor -- spawning more questions than answers. (Is that a "we stopped caring" tipping point peeking from behind that next rumor headline?)

An employee told the New York Times that the new design would be "fairly different" from the 4. It's supposed to have an 8-pixel camera, for instance, which was leaked by Sony's CEO earlier.

The well-sourced and well-written 9to5Mac adds that there are two versions of the new device to be launched, with the bonus of a target launch date of Oct. 7. They have a look-alike for iPhone 4 as the lower-end device.

Production delays are also popping up, as the tear-drop shaped iPhone 5 -- with bigger display and a thinner, rounder body at 9to5Mac.

TheNextWeb shows that those leaked (read: posted and removed) pics of iPhone 5 cases were probably a publicity stunt -- but that doesn't make them wrong. They also point to new innards in the 5 that match the iPad 2's A5 dual-core processor.

One question still buzzing around is whether the 5's processor will have near-field communication (NFC) capabilities. Or will that come in the 6? 

According to Apple, 200 million people have stored their credit card information on iTunes, the Times reports. That's a lot of waves, wafts and swipes for easy purchasing.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves... When's the thing available, again??

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