Jim Carrey Guests on “Saturday Night Live”

Before Jim Carrey became a famous movie star, he was one of the players on the FOX comedy sketch show "In Living Color" in the early ‘90s. With that resume, the actor felt right at home when he hosted "Saturday Night Live" last night.

In a monologue touching on the new year ahead, Carrey approached a female audience and proposed to her on the spot. “Let me make my case,” he said to her. “First of all, I’m Jim Carrey.” Unfortunately, she was married, so Carrey chose the next best thing: a somewhat stocky gentleman from the audience named Bob.

Not surprisingly, Carrey turned it on in the sketches that he appeared in. In a parody of "Black Swan," he portrayed an aggressive gum-chewing ballerina in a black tutu battling against the Natalie Portman character. In a commercial, the actor also played a tantric love instructor whose routines included the "endless clown car," the "elliptical" and the "sneaky baboon."

Carry also portrayed a fortune teller who performs grief séances and channels the the spirits of Jimmy Stewart, Billie Holiday, Alan Thicke, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, Charles Bronson, and Sammy Davis Jr. Finally, he played the scraggly long-haired singer of a downtown New York band, A Taste of New York,  performing to a bunch of annoyed visitors at a Mariott; their songs literally ask questions: "Can We Stay With You?" and "Can We Use Your Room Key?"

The musical guests last night were the Black Keys, who churned out noisy garage rock.

On Weekend Update, Seth Meyers’ guests included outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and newly-elected speaker John Boehner. Pelosi rattled off things that could make Boehner cry, and he did so quite movingly--except to the reference about those without health care.

Next week’s guests will be Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Cee-Lo.

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